About Me

My name is Omar Fouad and I am a certified personal trainer. Next to being a personal trainer, I am currently a qualified nutritionist, a Prama instructor, functional training coach and a dentist. I want to share my knowledge with you whether it is about making healthier eating choices or finding the fitness program that fits you best. I’m here to guide you every step of the way, and push you beyond your limits.

I have been a qualified personal trainer for 5 years now. It is only the beginning of my journey and I want each one of you to become a part of it. I want all of us to strive to become the best version of ourselves and to be proud of who we are.


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800 EGP /Month

1800 EGP /3 Month

50% discount on all plans for students


800 EGP /Month

1800 EGP /3 Month

50% discount on all plans for students


1200 EGP /Month

2500 EGP /3 Month

50% discount on all plans for students

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we apply?

First, you have to fill in this form. After you fill in the form, a message will be sent to you describing the different payment methods and follow ups will be made till the payment is complete. Payments will either be done through Vodafone Cash or sent to a bank account number. After the payment is done, the client has to register on the website. The fully customized client program will appear on the website within 3-5 days from the registration day.

Are the programs online or in-house training programs?

All programs are online programs except if you’re a member in Club S, Allegria.

Will you be in charge of the personal training or another member of your team?

Yes, indeed. I’ll be fully responsible for your fitness and your nutrition plans -depending on what you choose-.

How will the follow-ups go?

I’ll send you a full description for each workout with illustrative videos. I’ll follow up with you with messages via Whatsapp.

Do you have customized programs for people with busy schedules?

Yes, I design fully inclusive 2 or 3-day weekly workouts -30 to 40 minutes each- depending on your work schedule.

Do you have specific workout plans (e.g. fat burning workouts, muscle gain workouts…)?

Each plan is tailored around the goal you want to achieve and your fitness level too.

Do you work/train at specific gyms?

I train at Cell Block Gym in Club S, Allegria. For training inside the gym, you have to be a member of Club S.

Do you train athletes for specific sports?


Do your nutrition plans take into consideration special medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, various colon cases…)?

Yes, nutrition plans are customized depending on your medical conditions and allergies.

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